In the Area

Experience an unforgettable holiday, in the heart of the evergreen Alpujarras, on the fertile southern slopes of the snow capped Sierra Nevada, a remote, rural area with stunning views of the mountains and a mild Mediterranean climate from the nearby coast. Both cottages have their own pool, garden and surrounding each, been built in traditional Andalucian-Arabic style and children are warmly welcomed. The holiday home and the location have a lot to offer to families and those with a spirit for adventure as well as to those seeking rest and relaxation. The peace of the countryside can be enjoyed in the large garden, while reading under the shade of an olive tree beside the pool, playing football with the children or spending a summer evening at the barbeque. You can go on short walks directly from the cottages or take day trips to the nearby coast or up to the whitewashed, winding mountain villages. It is 55 km to Granada, maybe the most lively historic cultural city in the world.

Due to their location in the unparalleled, evergreen even in the heat of summer, Alpujarras, between the sunny coast and the high mountains of Granada, our holiday cottage is the ideal place to get to know Andalucia intimately, away from the tourist hustle and bustle. It is an ideal starting point to do any kind of walks and excursions. Straight from the house, you can enjoy wonderful walks through the valley or up to the hills. By car, you can take trips to the high part of the 'Las Alpujarras' with its white and picturesque mountain villages or to the peaks of Sierra Nevada, up to 3484m high and full of rare animals, wild rivers and untouched lagoons, resting in peace. In 25 minutes you get to the coast and in 40 minutes to Granada. Day trips can be taken to cities like Cordoba, Ronda or Seville, or National Parks like Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de Cazorla, Cabo de Gato etc. In addition to this, the holiday homes are only 80km away from the Sierra Nevada ski resurts.(see ski info)

The time of the Moors and Arab rule lasted almost 900 years and left more of an impression on The Alpujarras than on any other region of Spain. The legacy of Arabic art and culture can still be seen in the style of buildings, the intricate irrigation system, and the local crafts, music and art. From the Arabs came recipes, which creatively combine meat or fish with fruit and herbs. They brought figs, pomegranates, citrus fruit, olives and melons with them and these sun-loving fruits are still flourishing in The Alpujarras today, alongside strawberries, prickly pears, peaches, cherries, apples, pears, quince, walnuts, chestnuts and almonds. On the property, there are about 30 different fruit trees, and the whole year one can pick fresh fruits right from the tree, ripe oranges even from October to June. The flowering time starts in February with the almond flower, the famous and historically significant and revered orange tree blossom (El Azahar) smells during the whole month of April.

The Alpujarran cuisine doesn't boast any refinements, it's more about the earthy real tastes of the ingredients - and thanks to the variety of altitudes and climate zones here there's an abundance of foods on offer: air dried mountain ham, all types of sausages and cheese, meat, fish and vegetables, potatoes and eggs prepared in various ways, fruit, as well as every possible variation on olives. Many of these fine ingredients lend their charm to all sorts of Tapas, delicious nibbles whose home is Andalucia; accompanied by a glass of Fino, sherry, the world famous wine from the sunshine land of the Spanish south.